Hello. My name is F.R. Jameson.


And I write horror and noir thrillers. I also used to keep this blog fairly up to date, but at the moment – with life, a small child and a busy writing schedule – I’m finding it harder and harder to keep on top of it. So for now, with a certain amount of regret, I am putting it on hiatus.

If you would like to receive some fortnightly ramblings from me, then please do sign up to my newsletter which comes out every other Friday – where I talk about my writing and review a film/TV show in each edition. You’ll also receive a copy of my debut novel THE WANNABES, which is out of print from every other source.

As for the other stuff this blog normally contained: eventually I hope to get my backlog of book reviews onto my Goodreads page; while the new series of DOCTOR WHO will be reviewed on my Facebook page. I’m also on Twitter, Pinterest (and to a certain extent Instagram) @frjameson.

The blog itself isn’t going anywhere. There’ll be no new content until I get more time, but the old content isn’t going anywhere. Feel free to poke around.

If you are new here and are intrigued by my work, then please take a look around all the goodies on my Amazon page. Hopefully something there will take your fancy.

All the best and happy reading!

F.R. Jameson.