Death at the Seaside

A lovely review of my novella, Death at the Seaside

MI Book Reviews

“Nothing was going to ruin Castle’s holiday.

Except for the mocking laughter of the dead.

Castle was anticipating a lovely break at the seaside. His glamorous film star mistress was even joining him.

However, an unexpected encounter leaves Castle reeling. There’s a chance that someone knows his darkest secret and no matter what, he’s going to have to deal with it.

All his life, Castle has been the luckiest bloke he knew.

That luck might be about to run out”

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I got an ARC of this book.

This book gives the perfect example of a main character that just deserves everything bad that could possibly happen to him. From the very first page, Castle was just this awful character. He was a cheat, slimy, misogynistic, and worse. There was just so much about him to hate. I LOVED HATING HIM. There were no mixed feelings, there were no redeeming qualities…

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Call of the Mandrake

A lovely review of Call of the Mandrake!

MI Book Reviews

What terrible secrets are the town’s women hiding?

Beddnic, on the South Wales coast, has shut itself off from the outside world. Days after a number of its men were reported missing, the road in was closed and all communications ceased. No strangers are welcome there anymore.

Now, two agents – Ludo and Garris – are venturing across the water, anxious to know what’s going on and desperate to help. And no amount of threats or horrors will make them turn back. The awful curse which has befallen this town is about to be revealed, and the dead shall walk…

But in this cruel place by the sea, will these two men really be able to help?

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I got an ARC of this book.

When the author offered me a copy of this book, I wasn’t so sure. Detectives really aren’t my thing. I just don’t see why…

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Fool’s Quest by Robin Hobb

I told myself going in that the last one was a blip. In FOOL’S ASSASSIN I actually had a book in this wonderful series (or serieses I guess, as it’s three trilogies) that I didn’t actually enjoy that much. It was an anomaly though, right? Just a smudge on the record. There have been minor…

Only to Sleep by Lawrence Osborne

This is a wonderful novel! Lawrence Osborne (a writer, I confess, I’d never read before) has taken Philip Marlowe and done something really interesting with him. He isn’t here trying to sort our loose ends from THE BIG SLEEP or THE LONG GOODBYE, which – however diverting – really do fall into the trap of…

Helltown by Jeremy Bates

There’s a lot of fun to be had here for horror fans. Jeremy Bates has taken a big blood-stained pot and mixed together a load of familiar horror tropes. So, we have the young people lost in the haunted wood, satanists, rednecks, giant snakes and ghastly, brutal murder. The 1980's setting even lets him throw…