Husband, father, author and a man who seems capable of holding seven streams of nonsense in his mind at any one moment. I read a lot, have a passion for cinema and am greatly enjoying living through this golden age of television. (To think, there was a time where I never watched TV). I like to think that I have an array of different interests, but I might be lying to myself about that and am really just exploring different facets of the same interests. I am attempting to improve myself though, trying to grow as a human being by pushing my boundaries, finding out new things and then seeing what happens.

In my new guise as an indie author, I have recently started writing and publishing a new series of novels under the collective name ‘Screen Siren Noir’. The first of them, DIANA CHRISTMAS, was published in March 2018, with EDEN ST. MICHEL following in July.

In the last year I have also released two lengthy short stories, FOLIAGE and THE STRANGE FATE OF LORD BRUTON, while most recently I’ve released a collection of disturbing, claustrophobic fiction, entitled CONFINED SPACES.  If you click the links you can read some lovely posts I wrote about their inspiration.

You can also download a free, exclusive story, SOMETHING WENT WRONG – a tale of madness or, perhaps, a tale of monsters – through this link.

Please check out my Facebook page for various updates about what I’m up to and all that’s currently inspiring me, or follow me on Twitter or Instagram: @frjameson.