The last series of DOCTOR WHO was the one I liked the least since it’s return. That’s in many ways sad as I was not only so looking forward to it, but it had so many great elements. Jodie was superb as The Doctor, the companions were great (if too numerous; poor Yaz was frequently given too little to do) and yet the whole thing didn’t come together, There were some highlights: the historicals; and the bizarreness of ‘It Takes You Away’. But too often the scripts didn’t quite work or outright fell flat on their face,

So, it was with relief that I hugged ‘The Good Doctor’ by Juno Dawson to my chest when I finished it, as here is the 13th Doctor as she actually should be. With proper subplots for the companions, proper Doctor moments, proper villains, proper peril and everything you would want DOCTOR WHO to be.

The Doctor arrives on a world where human settlers and the planet’s original doglike inhabitants are at war with each other. She stops this conflict but, when she accidentally returns six hundred years later, discovers that her words and actions have been turned into a twisted religion. What’s more, Graham is this religion’s God -The Good Doctor.

With obvious roots in the Tom Baker story ‘The Face of Evil’, this is fantastic DOCTOR WHO, with a story that races along, proper and obvious danger and The Doctor solving everything by being the most brilliant person in the room. I just wish we had more 13th Doctor stories like it.

Also, we discover that, like me, The Doctor loathes olives. I really didn’t think I could like the character any more…

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2 thoughts on “Doctor Who reviews (extra) – The Good Doctor by Juno Dawson

  1. God, I am so with you on the most recent season of Doctor Who.

    Please screenwriters at the BBC. Write something that a talent like Jody deserves! And Yaz! And every Doctor Who fan who had such high hopes! 🙂

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