Mark Gatiss makes no secret of his love for the Pertwee era of DOCTOR WHO – the incarnation he first saw as a child – and that affection is everywhere within these pages. The Doctor and Jo are not only captured beautifully, they feel so vibrant and alive. The Brigadier and The Master of course both make appearances and Gatiss’s joy in both these icons is apparent. And what’s more, the book seems to have noticed that Sergeant Benton was always a better character than Captain Yates and deploys him accordingly.

Whereas most of these novels use the unlimited budget of the page to create the kind of story that the BBC of the 1970s could never have pulled off unless they invested the entire licence fee, this one has a nice homespun feel. It isn’t low stakes, but with its villains walking around in the bodies of men and its giant worm monsters, it does feel like something that could have been slotted into 1972 with no questions asked.

There are mysterious happenings in an East Anglian aerodrome and The Doctor and UNIT arrive to investigate. The local villagers are behaving strangely, there seems to be something nasty in the marshes and there’s a strange wind tunnel that seems to be aimed into the sky…

Cracking fun.

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