The second of Iain Rob Wright’s apocalyptic series feels like a sideways accompaniment to the inaugural novel, THE GATES. Having followed the travails of various characters in the first book, we now pick up with a set of different characters who encountered them along the way. As such it’s a bit like the ROSENCRANTZ AND GUILDENSTERN ARE DEAD of British end of the world horror – with previous side characters and incidental players getting their time in the spotlight. Although, to be far, there is a lot less absurdist comedy.

In the first book, one of the characters is rescued by a gang of youths after all hell literally breaks out on Oxford Street. Here we follow those youths. While a ship captain has an altercation with another boat as he heads out onto the Atlantic, and here we follow that other boat.

There is a danger, I suppose, that this could all seem like the same story told twice, but fortunately characters do start returning from THE GATES and there is forward momentum in the narrative. Wright is a genuinely compulsive writer, who throws in a good sense of adventure with the demonic horror.

There may be some circling back before we charge on, but the whole here sets things up nicely for the next book…

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