This is, without a doubt, the best Stephen King work I’ve read in a long time.

Not in any way a horror story, it’s more a fantastical allegory which can perhaps be read as about a man finding his soul lightens when he gives up on petty concerns and instead focuses on helping others.

(Although that reading doesn’t work perfectly, as it implies our protagonist is some kind of bastard to begin with, which isn’t the case.)

Taking the idea of Stephen King’s own THINNER and twisting it, we find here a man who starts suddenly and inexplicably losing weight. The difference is, he doesn’t lose any mass. His body shape stays the same, he still seems to be an average middle-aged, overweight American man, but each day he is dropping pounds.

And not only is he getting lighter, anything he touches becomes lighter as well.

As I say, this isn’t a horror story. There is no big bad. There isn’t even a little bad, only the normal small-minded hypocrites who are always at the side of a King story. Instead it’s a tale of a man trying to do good, which builds to a conclusion that I’m not embarrassed to admit brought a tear to my eye.

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One thought on “Elevation by Stephen King

  1. Like it or no, it’s high time we let Stephen King out of the box we tend to keep him in… Every writer needs room to grow and test out their talents. I hope he continues to explore all of his options, if only to stretch his legs!

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