My one paragraph, instant reaction to the final episode of this series of DOCTOR WHO

That was more like it! The other week I came across an interview Jodie gave at the start of October in which she was asked her greatest secret, and she said that she knew what happened in the finale. Given what actually happened in ‘The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos’, that didn’t sound like much of a secret to boast about – so I can only presume that she was referring to this. As this was a much better way to end a series. A proper alien knockabout, with the Earth under attack, explosions and an actual sense of peril. Plus, it put a spin on the Daleks that we haven’t seen before. Okay, it was basically the ‘iconic monster leaves its armour and causes havoc a whole new way’ notion that Mark Gatiss gave the Ice Warriors in ‘Cold War’, but I so loved the home-made casing the Dalek gave itself that I’m prepared to forgive any derivativeness. (I really, really LOVED the home-made casing and would like one for my DOCTOR WHO shelf, please and thank you.) There were a few flaws, but then I have a dark suspicion that Chibnall is never going to produce a script good enough for me to overlook the flaws: I could have done without that bloody microwave oven being so foreshadowed; and, really, what the flipping hell was the point of that call centre lady? Most of the time when Earth is being invaded The Doctor doesn’t call UNIT, why start now? But, I feel at this moment, those are just niggles. I really enjoyed ‘Resolution’ and it put me into great spirits as we begin the long wait to the next episode.

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