dead blue caterpiller

Part thriller, part horror, part wife’s quest, MY DEAD BLUE CATERPILLAR is an odd concoction of a book. It rams all kinds of different elements together – a bit of scandal here; a sickening crime there – and tells it all in a breathless, excited tone. The whole shouldn’t work. It should be a gigantic mess. And yet I found myself strangely enjoying it.

A young wife discovers a diary indicating her hubby isn’t as faithful as he could be. But when she investigates, things turn out to be so much worse.

The narrative at the outset would seem to be heading a fairly straightforward direction: discovery, revelations and revenge. But what really makes MY DEAD BLUE CATERPILLAR interested is how often, and how easily, it subverts expectations. It frequently escalates the situation seemingly from nowhere, as well as taking leftfield diversions. The result is that a book which might have been utterly predictable, becomes something quite, quite intriguing. Yes, there are mis-steps (if you don’t like an open conclusion, then this is not going to be for you), but in a book that’s this much organised chaos, there’s always going to be flaws. It’s not perfect then, but what we have here is most definitely entertaining.


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