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If, like me, you grew up with a well-thumbed copy of Michael Wheldon’s superb THE PSYCHOTRONIC ENCYCLOPEDIA OF FILM, then you’ll have felt something of a gap in your life because that book was published in 1983. (Yes, I know there was the video version [and I have that too] but I never liked that as much). Well, steel yourself, fellow geeky cinema fan. as A NERD GIRL’S GUIDE TO CINEMA will go a way to filling the absence.

There’s a similar love in these pages – a palpable desire to watch and enjoy monster movies, cheesy sci-fi, challenging horror and full on oddities from the world of film. There aren’t as many films as in Psychotronic, as this is a guide rather than an encyclopaedia (and Cozy writes much longer entries), but anyone who grew up reading about the wildest films ever made, will love this one.

Cozy is a wonderful guide through these various wild and whacky films (actually, there are some proper classics here as well and she does well by them too). She is endlessly enthusiastic, finding positives even if she clearly doesn’t like a certain film much.

If you’ve read any of my reviews, then you’ll have seen that I’m a horror buff, a sci-fi fan and have a real penchant for crime fiction. I will also, out of some curiosity (morbid or otherwise) try to watch any and every film branded as ‘weird’. As such A NERD GIRL’S GUIDE TO CINEMA was perfect for me and really filled a psychotronic hole in my life – and I can think of no higher praise than that.

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