dr who

My one paragraph, instant reaction to the final episode of this series of DOCTOR WHO (Well, technically it’s two paragraphs this week)

After a series which has been good, while only rarely touching the heights of great, it’s almost fitting that the final episode is the very definition of underwhelming. Actually it’s more than that: this feels spectacular in how underwhelming it is; it’s magnificent in how little it whelms. Now, the idea of a monster who, through the actions of The Doctor, has managed to set himself up as a god, is a really good one. But here, it’s used as the backbone for a story which is lacking in the epic, has a weirdly slow pace and – beyond the Tardis team – no characters at all to care about. (It doesn’t help that the monster in question, although a great design, was rendered into something of a joke by his name in the first appearance.) Mentioned in this episode was the time the Tennant Doctor dragged the Earth back across space with a force-field lasso from his Tardis. That was stupid and I hated that episode. But at least it was big and epic and bold and I can remember it. This one, I think I’m going to struggle to remember much about come Tuesday. And given it’s a series finale, that feels a shame.

And so now we wait until 2020. If Moffat were still in charge, he’d try to change things around for the next series, learn from his mistakes. I can only hope Chibnall does the same and gives us something that isn’t just content in being good, but really goes for broke in trying to be great.

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