My one paragraph, instant reaction to this week’s DOCTOR WHO. 

Well, without even seeing next week’s, I can confidently proclaim that ‘It Takes You Away’ is my favourite episode of this series of DOCTOR WHO. Let’s be honest, next week is not going to have a moment as magically surreal as The Doctor making friends with and then promptly breaking up with a conscious universe that has taken the shape of a frog with a northern accent. It was such a perfect moment that few things on TV are ever going to top it. And it made me remember, as if I needed a reason, why I love DOCTOR WHO so much. (Can you think of another programme anywhere that would even attempt such a scene?) But the thing is, in banging on about the frog, I’m ignoring all the other great things about this episode: the Scandi ghost vibe of the beginning, the ‘monster’ in the woods, the antizone (and particularly Kevin Eldon as Ribbons), the proper emotional heft to Graeme’s arc and The Doctor actually having one of those rousing heroic moments where the score swells up. Sat on the couch, Mrs Jameson said to me “Here’s the big speech”, but in this series we actually haven’t had as many of those as I would have liked. This one was a kicker though and it was brilliant and – if I haven’t already mentioned it – the frog was brilliant and the whole thing was wonderful. Simply put, I loved it!

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