My one paragraph, instant reaction to this week’s DOCTOR WHO. 

One can easily imagine the teenage Chris Chibnall watching the brightly lit white spaceship corridors of 1980s DOCTOR WHO, and thinking how great it would be if one of Joe Dante’s Gremlins were thrown into the mix. And all these years later we have that episode! Bringing together a hospital spaceship, a decorated general, a pregnant man and an android – all great cut and paste sci-fi elements – into a romp of a DOCTOR WHO story. Well, perhaps ‘romp’ is the wrong word as we have the death of two characters and the episode ends on a eulogy, so there’s a level of seriousness beyond a romp – but still it was an hour of fairly undemanding running down corridors and I thoroughly enjoyed it. To be honest, even though I thought I’d write two hundred words on each episode, I don’t have much more to say. I can’t imagine anyone will list this one as their favourite of the series, but nor can I imagine anyone hating it. It has the feel of the ‘bog-standard episode in the middle’. But if a bog-standard episode can give one this much pleasure, then it seems like we’re in good hands.

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