rosa parks

My one paragraph, instant reaction to this week’s DOCTOR WHO. 

I had some concerns coming into this. The story of Rosa Parks is such an important tale, one which needs to be handled sensitively, so throwing all kinds of sci-fi shenanigans into it might not be the smartest idea. Now, I know that as a middle-aged white man in London, I’m not necessarily the best person to sit in judgement on it, but I think that not only did the production team get away with it, they created something really affecting. The whole episode built up to the looks on our time team’s faces when they had to let this woman be arrested. Horror mixed with shame as they realised they were just going to sit there and passively let her be taken away. It was a goosebumps moment, one of real power. What else? I liked that the villain was the kind of future-man who’d believe Donald J. Trump was America’s greatest President. His confrontations with The Doctor were absolutely sparkling. (Jodie was superb tonight.) Quibbles? There were a few moments when it was a bit on the nose (I’m looking at you, behind the dumpster conversation); and would Ryan really be able to figure out how to use that weapon, and then The Doctor really say nothing when she heard he’d used it? Oh well, given the rest, I can file those away as minor irritations for now. The BBC’s remit was once ‘to educate and entertain’, and I think tonight, DOCTOR WHO admirably succeeded in both.

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