Revenge three acts

What I really enjoyed about REVENGE IN THREE PARTS was that – without sacrificing any sense of character at all – the plot moves at such a dazzling speed. Part of that is this is three novellas running together, so there are three distinct plots. But read as a whole, it still flows brilliantly – despite our protagonist’s life being in such a different place a third of the way through the book to how it is at the beginning. Even with that, it still makes perfect sense.

A large part of that is in Angeline, we have an absolutely brilliant central character. Brooks has created a great heroine – smart, resourceful, ruthless, but also undeniably flawed. She is never passive. Even when things happen to her, she never just sits back and takes them. She always responds, and it’s the way she responds (and the mistakes she makes in responding) that keep her journey so incredibly readable.

Angeline’s beloved sister has killed herself and Angeline believes she knows who’s responsible for the despair which led to her sister’s destruction. But is everything as it seems? And thus begins a genuinely surprising zig-zag plot (most of these zigs caused by Angeline herself) in a fantastic thriller debut.


If you’re interested? You can read my own debut in the thriller field, DIANA CHRISTMAS, right here.

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