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ALICE RACKHAM is published today!

It’s funny the turns life takes sometimes.

A year ago I was writing DIANA CHRISTMAS and thinking that it was just going to be a stand-alone short story. Then suddenly – seemingly of its own free will – it turned into a novel.

Excited by this brand-new novel (after years of not managing to finish any writing projects), my mind flooded with stories of other actresses. More tales I could tell in this ‘Screen Siren Noir’ world. All of them self-contained, but with enough links that those who read the whole series can chuckle to themselves at the connections.

Today I put the third of these novels out there. The story of the beautiful Alice Rackham, a stage actress of power who was too often wasted in film, and her romance with a young, struggling actor. A romance which, because of the kind of life that Alice led, was fraught with innumerable complications – and shattering danger.

It takes us to the lovely and picturesque, but quite foreboding, Carreras Hall. An old stately manor in the English countryside, with its strange, faithful retainer, Daniel. A place that is opulent enough to be a favourite amongst the monied classes, but also so sinister that once its chill enters your bones, you can never quite relax.

(And it’s a locale I will undoubtedly return to – both when wearing my straight thriller hat, and my supernatural thriller cap.)

This is a book which reverberates with passion and lust, to the point where both move past being pleasurable, and instead become utterly deadly.

As you might guess from my enthusiastic burbling above, ALICE RACKHAM is a book I am tremendously proud of and I’m so happy today to finally send it out into the world. If you do get chance to pick it up and read it, please do. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!


You can pick up your copy of ALICE RACKHAM right here!

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