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I was entranced by THE LOVE WITCH.

But then I think most classic horror film fans will be entranced by THE LOVE WITCH.

the-love-witch 2

Yes, characters do use mobile phones and they drive modern cars, but the look, the styles, the cinematography, even the acting all seems to come straight from some early 1970s Euro-film. Seriously, if I saw this without knowing anything about it, I’d have thought – even with the mobile phones – that it was an artefact of the period. There’s the rich colour, that bright red paint blood (which Dario Argento was so fond of back in the day), and a script which doesn’t flow being performed by actors who are deliberately stilted.

A young witch (Samantha Robinson, who is superb) moves to a small town – which does, fortunately for her, already have a large witch/wiccan community – carrying a desperate need for love. Unfortunately none of the men she sets her sights on live up to her standards, none of them can cope with her passion, and – even though she’s willing to do everything for them – they end up loving her so much it takes them to death.


Okay, having rhapsodised over the film, I now have to throw in the caveat that perhaps all that artifice lends a certain distancing effect. As I found myself admiring it, while not necessarily being emotionally involved in it. It’s a film I’m not sure a lot of people will actually enjoy. Hell, I’m not sure I enjoyed it, but I did appreciate the hell out of it. THE LOVE WITCH is definitely a film that’s staying with me, one I’d recommend and definitely want to watch again.

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