EDEN ST MICHEL is published today. You can get your copy here for the currently remarkably reasonable price of £1.99/$1.99.

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In EDEN ST. MICHEL, I’ve written my first love story.

That might seem a surprising claim. A quick glance at the cover will give away that there’s a dead body on it. So, from that point of view, it’s very much on point with ‘Screen Siren Noir’ thus far. But a love story it is. And what makes that doubly curious is that I in no way set out to write a romance – even one tinged with darkness and murder.

When I started writing this, at the end of last year – fresh from the thrill of how well DIANA CHRISTMAS had turned out, and with words flowing freely through my veins again – I had in mind a somewhat different story. It was going to be more stereotypically film-noir, with cross and double-cross and no one knowing whether to believe the person next to them or shoot them dead.

But then I got to know my protagonists, Eden and Joe.

As they became fully-formed on the page – as I started to see them together – I realised that my plot, as I’d envisaged it, wasn’t going to work. They were both too grounded as characters to be manipulated by plot machinations into the deadly duo I’d imagined. What’s more, together they were wonderful. I felt the affection between them, the way they genuinely cared for each other. And I knew that my original story wouldn’t pass muster.

I needed a man and woman who could betray each other, who WOULD betray each other. Instead, what came to me, was a pair who would do no such a thing.

As such I had a choice, I could change them in some way or change the plot.

But they were too good to change!

And so, I changed the plot. I rewrote my plan entirely and, to slice a long story short, I ended up writing a love story.

It’s a long way from any sweet romance you can think of, but a love story it ultimately is. It’s my first and I’m incredibly proud of it.

The book is finally published today and I cannot wait – at last – for people to read it and discover Joe and Eden, and to learn of the terrible things that occurred when they fell in love.


Get your copy of EDEN ST. MICHEL now!

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