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My new novel, EDEN ST. MICHEL is published next week and is available for pre-order now at the low price of £1.99/$1.99 (but it won’t stay at that price for long!) Below is a taster of where our heroine is at the start of the book…

When I think of Eden St. Michel in the weeks leading up to where we meet her in Chapter One, I think of a stunning woman lost in ennui. I picture her staring out of her lounge window at an empty Green Park in the heart of London, a Gitanes in hand, taking long and bored puffs as she roused herself to somehow try and enjoy life.

Undeniably she was a beautiful woman. Tall, slim and athletically built, with blonde hair that was almost white, high cheekbones and wide blue eyes which – for all their allure – rarely shone with welcome. She did spend part of her childhood in Denmark, and maybe that contributed more to her personality than she credited. The world weariness of the Scandinavians was a pose she’d most definitely adopted.

Of course, she told herself frequently that she was being silly. That she was a film star, that she had more money than she could ever have imagined, that she was spoiled in receiving so much from life. But even though she enjoyed the parties, and smiled so gaily at industry events, she still couldn’t help the hatred in her soul that she felt for the whole superficial, facile world which surrounded her.

Although, what was the alternative to her life? What was the alternative to making films and going out and being seen and photographed and commented on? (Whatever she wore led to bitchy remarks in The London Chronicle these days). She could just stay in and be like a sad old spinster, but as much as she didn’t enjoy her life, there was no fun in that.

So, she went out and tried to have fun. And one night she went slumming it in an off-the-hanger dress to ‘The Cinema Club’ in Soho. This was the night, though, which changed her life. It was there that she met Joe Jones, the man who turned out to be the love of her life.

But it was there that the trouble all started.


EDEN ST. MICHEL is out next week. You can get your copy at the bargain low-price of £1.99/$1.99 here!

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