I missed the slot for my writing diary last week, didn’t I?

I’m wracked with guilt as a consequence.

But here’s the thing,  I’m going to miss the next few weeks as well. I have various self imposed deadlines for ‘Screen Siren Noir’ volumes 3 and 4 and they’re in August before my long awaited two week holiday and I need to hit them.

(If you’re interested in volume 2 by the way, EDEN ST. MICHEL is available for pre-order here.)

As such, I’n focusing on that now and won’t have much time to continue with my thoughts about plot until September. I will be back to it though, I promise you that. I still have a lot more to say, and more epic, blockbuster movies to rewrite in a North London setting.

Until then though, here’s a short story I wrote last year and serialised on this blog. It doesn’t actually have a lot to do with the stuff I’m writing right now, but it will do….

The Cove – part 1
The Cove – part 2
The Cove – part 3

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