You develop a different set of primal fears when you have a child. There’s a constant dread of something bad and terrible maybe happening to your darling babe that’s impossible to totally lose. More than once I’ve run with my heart pounding at the beeping of the monitor, only for everything to turn out fine. In that moment when I’m frantically scarpering though, it is all my worst fears made real.

That’s what William Aicher is tapping into in this short, and aptly named, creepy little bedtime story. Every parent’s dread that something bad might happen to their baby. If that kind of thing freaks you out then obviously this story isn’t for you, otherwise it’s a delicious chiller with a lovely twist.

My debut novel, THE WANNABES – which has been out of print for a little while – is now available for free! A supernatural thriller of beautiful actresses and deadly ambition in London town, it’s well worth your time. You can get your copy here!

2 thoughts on “Secret by William F. Aicher

  1. Thinking it’s a good thing you are not an immigrant crossing our southern border right now…You know…babies in cages….Kind of Wicked Witch and Oven kind of thing…OH! I DID NOT just say that!!! (Then again, it’s a witch hunt, isn’t it?) Shutting up now…


  2. It is just extraordinary. Doubly so as they are not repulsed by the images they’re seeing and are instead doubling down on it. How do these people look in the mirror in the morning?


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