Something I greatly enjoy about watching these old Hammer films is discovering hidden gems. Those films which aren’t well remembered today, but have something interesting and quirky about them. As well as having some damned effective scares. Hammer, in its prime – despite numerous copies elsewhere – did have a distinct and distinctly British style.

I enjoyed THE WITCHES, which I didn’t really know much about, and THE PLAGUE OF THE ZOMBIES, which I didn’t really know much about.

But obviously, I was eventually going to run out of luck.

No studio is going to constantly produce classic, neglected gem, classic, neglected gem.

There were always going to be duds as well.

And THE CURSE OF THE MUMMY’S TOMB is definitely one of those.

It’s not as if it’s bad in the sense that it’s poorly made, it’s perfectly competently executed – it’s just so dull. A boring film with boring leads and a boring A to B to C plot and a truly boring villain. My word is it tedious.

Until Brendan Fraser and CGI came along, all Mummy films had the problem that their central monster is just a bit lumbering and tedious. Well, THE CURSE OF THE MUMMY’S TOMB deals with that by being especially tedious itself.

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