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Exciting times!

I’ve said since the publication of DIANA CHRISTMAS, that my next novel will be the second in the ‘Screen Siren Noir’ series and will be called EDEN ST. MICHEL.

Well, that day is getting closer.

Not only do I now have the fantastic cover above, but the book is also available for pre-order on Amazon. 

It will be out the 18th of July, and will be available for the bargain price of $1.99/£1.99 for the first two weeks.

What’s more, the first few chapters are now available for you to read on Instafreebie. Just follow this link and they will be yours. 

This is a novel I’m really proud of and am thrilled that the day of publication is getting closer. Obviously I’ll post more about it here as the date gets closer, but for now – and to whet your appetite – here is the synopsis:

“Eden was a film star, Joe was a stuntman. They met in a London nightclub in 1962 and the passion between them was intense.

Quickly they fell in love, but their romance was dangerous.

He couldn’t resist being a hero for her, and – as much as she might have hated it – she was a sucker for a big, strong man who’d try to save her.

Before long, the two of them had crashed into trouble. And then, because they couldn’t resist each other, they did it again.

But the worst lay ahead.

Real and terrifying troubles – exploding into a celebrity-fuelled scandal which gripped the whole of Britain.

For Eden and Joe though, it was a scandal which could end on the gallows.

Eden St. Michel, a new tale of film stars, gangsters and death from F.R. Jameson.”

Available for pre-order on Amazon.

With the first few chapters available for free download on Instafreebie.


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