Succubus dreams

Even though I’ll easily go a year without reading books in this series, I really enjoy Richelle Mead’s Succubus novels. Heading back to Seattle to hang out with Georgina Kincaid, succubus supreme, is something I look forward to and which – if I’m honest – I feel like I’ve delayed far too long.

In some ways, the third of this series, SUCCUBUS DREAMS is more of the same. But there’s nothing wrong with that. These are great hang out novels, books to just drop into, with fun other-worldly characters that are great to catch up with and find out what they’re up to.

Being the kind of supernatural creature she is, Georgina works for Hell taking men’s souls through sex, but her main concern is really the bookshop she works at, and her friends, and her ongoing relationship with her boyfriend, Seth. Each of these novels has a threat – the plot kicking in – that could tear her apart from this fun Seattle lifestyle. But, much like you know James Bond is going to save the day, you know that Georgina will sort things out and it will be back to coffee and book talk by the end.

This one is slightly different though. Intriguingly different.

As this isn’t really an urban fantasy novel about succubuses and demons and angels, instead it’s a book about relationships. It’s about Georgina and Seth, about Georgina and the other people in her life. Hitherto, I’d have said that the supernatural stuff was the plot to the novels, Here, it’s a window dressing for a plot about a couple and their relationship needs.

I’m sure there’ll be some who are disappointed by this, who just want the fantasy stuff and don’t care for the gooey bits. But I loved it. Yes, this is still a novel about a succubus and demons and angels, but – impressively – it’s so much more than that.

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