war master

The biggest problem for me with this War Master series is that it ends.

I did wonder, before listening, how the good people at Big Finish were going to bring back Derek Jacobi’s incarnation of The Master, when clearly in the TV episode he appears –  ‘Utopia’ – he had no idea who he was until the big brilliant revelation in the last ten minutes.

But they do manage it. They make it all tie in so incredibly nicely, but in a way that seems to preclude any further entries.

Which is a great shame, as I really, really, really enjoyed this boxset.

Always a counterpoint to The Doctor, even when The Doctor isn’t around (he even pretends to be The Doctor in one story), this is The Master trying to be good in the most bad way possible. That is actually a great triumph for the writing here, as you can see that The Master is trying to do what he thinks is the right thing, but the very nature of who he is means he is getting it very, very wrong.

(Although, as a change of pace, we also have – in one story – The Master taking time out to set up his own vineyard. An idea which seems utterly bizarre at first flush, but really, can you not imagine the Delgardo Master sat there with a large glass of red talking about the quality of the vintage?)

I know logically that series after series of The Master cutting his own malicious path through The Time War would start to dilute the concept. That it would be harder for him to avoid John Hurt’s The War Doctor in all this chaos (even though a meeting between the two would be impossible from both story and practical points of views). But damn it, I really enjoyed this War Master boxset, and if Big Finish can find a way to bring him back once, I hope they can find a way to do it again.

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