I received this lovely review of my short story collection, CONFINED SPACES over the weekend from David Gundersen at Gallifreyan Buccaneer. An entertaining blog which makes this one, even at its most DOCTOR WHO obsessed moments, seem like the work of someone who just has a passing interest. Anyway, the review is well worth a read and I thank him kindly for it.

Gallifreyan Buccaneer

A short story collection daubed ‘Claustrophobic Tales of Terror’ on the front cover.

This is a very strong collection focusing around different individuals in some truly terrifying situations. If you’ve got a fear of confined spaces this is probably your worst nightmare.

A couple of stories stand out from the rest as being particularly strong. The first story ‘Adultery’ captures a post sex couple, one of whom is married, lay in bed in a grubby hotel room. They hear strange noises coming from the next room and suddenly their worst nightmares come true. I was particularly fond of this story because of the moral dilemma the couple face when deciding whether to report the gruesome crime they witness.

The second stand out story is ‘The White Room’. A poor soul wakes up in a completely white room unaware of who he is or how he got there. He drives himself…

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