My new novella, ‘Death at the Seaside’ is published today and on Kindle Unlimited right now. Just click here and you’ll be taken straight to it.

Here’s my introduction.

Death at the Seaside cover

I first wrote ‘Death at the Seaside’ in 2002.

Back then I was watching a lot of ‘The Sopranos’, and quite clearly was inspired by an overweight man with criminal tendencies and an eye for the ladies. Although in my head the protagonist, Larry Castle looks a lot more like Ray Winstone than James Gandolfini.

Once finished though, I couldn’t figure out what to do with it and so it sat in a box for a long while.

Then in 2008, right after ‘The Wannabes’ first came out, I decided to rewrite it.

I can remember when I read it back then being quite disappointed by it, my skills as a writer had improved in the meantime and it now seemed shapeless and amateurish. But I charged into it and reshaped and rewrote pretty much the whole thing. Including one memorable afternoon, where I was out to meet friends in Regents Park, I got there early and sat and wrote in the bright sunshine for a couple of hours of bliss.

But back then there still weren’t a lot of avenues for a novella, particularly as I didn’t really have a publishing contract. So even though the story was in a much better state, back into the box it went.

It stayed with me though, always lurking at the back of my mind as something I really needed to finish.

“What’s it about?” I hear you ask.

Well, here’s a little synopsis:

Larry Castle has gone to the seaside for a relaxing break, to maybe pick up a girl or two before his gorgeous film star mistress joins him. But a chance encounter leaves Castle reeling. There’s a possibility someone knows his darkest secret. And if that’s the case, then Castle is going to have to do something about it. No matter what it costs him.

It’s a dark tale, but even if I say so myself, it’s a damn good tale and I knew it would be a shame if it were never published.

Now though the landscape had changed dramatically, I have embraced the life of an indie author and my imagination is all which limits publishing opportunities.

As such I pulled out the manuscript from its box once more, and visited Larry Castle once again. To be honest I was expecting to be disappointed, but instead I found myself enjoying the story, gripped by the story – even surprised by some of the nuances. Of course, it needed some work, and I did rewrite chunks of it last year, but finally I have it finished and I’m really proud of it.

So here it is, sixteen years after I started it, Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you – at long last – ‘Death at the Seaside’.


Intrigued? It’s 99p/99c, or on Kindle Unlimited. Just click here.

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