Something Went Wrong.jpg

The free short story which you could previously get by subscribing to my mailing list, is now a short story collection which is available to absolutely anybody who clicks here.

There are four short stories in all. Each a little different to the next.

The first (and original) is ‘Something Went Wrong’, the inspiration of which is obvious to me. Like the narrator, I too once broke my ankle, although I (so far) haven’t fallen prey to the belief that the surgeons who operated left some dreadful creature growing within my body.

‘Soup’ follows it, and that’s an interesting story for me as I think it will be the oldest piece of fiction I will ever actually publish. I was nineteen or twenty when I originally wrote it, and although it’s been rewritten since, the basic architecture remains. I look back at myself at that age as just another stupid kid, but I’m proud of this one thing I did.

Following it is ‘Fyte’, which is one of those deliciously dark short pieces which just makes me chuckle with malevolent glee.

While rounding out the collection is ‘After What Happened at Canary Wharf’, a story which came to me in its entirety as I sat alone on a bench in Greenwich Park early one hazy, Spring morning.

So, four stories, each rather different to the next, I think. Please do take the time to download them and read them and — if you get chance – comment on them, I’d love to know what you think.

2018 is going to be a busy year for me, but the first thing I wanted to do was make sure I was offering real value on this here blog. And with these four strange tales, I think I’m not just offering value but variety.


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