Twice upon a time

Personally I loved it!

A Christmas evening episode of DOCTOR WHO, which wasn’t only incredibly smart and laugh out loud funny, but so emotional it kept me with something in my eye right the way through.

What a swansong for P-Cap! You have surely never been more brilliant, and more affecting, than you were tonight?

Well done too to David Bradley! Even though my conscious mind knew you weren’t the proper Hartnell Doctor, my heart went with it completely. Your portrayal totally and utterly pulled me in.

Welcome back, P-Mac! I liked that your appearance didn’t cheat the ending we had for Bill, I loved that you had a proper chance to say goodbye.

Hats off to Mark Gatiss! If this turns out to be your last ever DOCTOR WHO work (and Mark’s career with the programme does stretch all the way back to the novel ‘Nightshade’ in 1992) then it was a truly fantastic end. Your contributions to the show may have been a bit up and down over the years, but tonight everything about your performance was perfect.

Jenna Coleman, even though I knew you were coming back, it was still so wonderful to see you. And thank you, Clara, for giving The Doctor his memories of you back. His time with you was too precious to lose.

Even Matt Lucas, who I wasn’t expecting. Fantastic to see you again, and thanks for one final laugh.

I loved it all and am not sure I have ever been so moved by any DOCTOR WHO episode.

The best regeneration story ever? I’ll ponder that, but it’s certainly up there.

As a fan, I adored it.

Okay, I do fear that non-fans – those who casually tune in on Christmas day with a belly full of turkey – may have been all over the place. That those who’ve only seen the new show and don’t know The First Doctor from The Meddling Monk may have missed the emotional heft. While even those who call themselves fans and missed ‘Into the Dalek’ (or just don’t remember it too well), may have found themselves a bit nonplussed by the reappearance of Rusty. But this was Moffat, the ultimate fanboy, writing for the other fanboys and fangirls out there, and just for once – please – let us have our day.

Oh, and absolutely great to meet you J-Whit. I can’t wait for what the future brings!

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