Death at the Seaside cover.jpg

If you’ve read my writing diary in recent weeks, you’ll have noted me chattering on about forthcoming projects in a way that was vague and probably deeply irritating.

Well, I’m being vague no more, my friends. The first one is out of the traps and it’s my new novella, Death at the Seaside.

Here’s the synopsis:

Nothing was going to ruin Castle’s holiday.
Except for the mocking laughter of the dead.
Castle was anticipating a lovely break at the seaside. His glamorous film star mistress was even joining him.
However, an unexpected encounter leaves Castle reeling. There’s a chance that someone knows his darkest secret and no matter what, he’s going to have to deal with it.
All his life, Castle has been the luckiest bloke he knew.
That luck might be about to run out…

Free preview copies will be available, and I will also send you a digital copy for your Kindle when it’s published. All I ask in return is for you to give it an honest review when you have chance.

Reviews are a lifeblood of an indie author, and so if you like the kind of stuff I write, please do click the below link and share your thoughts when the time comes.

I would be most grateful.

Just click here and I will make sure you receive a free preview copy at the start of January.

Many thanks.

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