I really want to listen to Paul McGann’s Eight Doctor in THE TIME WAR.

It’s fresh and new and coming from Big Finish, and I really loved John Hurt’s War Doctor adventures in The Time War and want more of the same. The small problem I have though is that I should probably listen to DOOM COALITION beforehand just so I can get up to speed with where The Eighth Doctor actually is now (I also want to listen to The War Master stories, the new Tenth Doctor releases, some of The Third Doctor stuff too. I have a feeling that my Big Finish reviews are going to lag a long way behind for some time to come).

So here I am at the DOOM COALITION, which despite what’s implied above I am not just listening to out of obligation. When I purchased the whole set six months ago I was incredibly enthused, but then life got in the way and I’m just getting it to now.

And the result of my belated listen? Well, it’s okay.

That’s all. I’m not going to rave, and I’m not going to rant, it’s fine. And undoubtedly the reason I’m prevaricating so much above is that it was just good, without being great ore without being in anyway inspiring.

The first and last stories are to be fair solid yarns. The Doctor tackling a renegade Time Lord called The Eleven, who has eleven different regeneration personalities exhibiting at once. He’s a hell of a strong villain and both are effective, even nightmarish stories.

Unfortunately the two tales in the middle are really just filler, and not particularly entertaining filler at that. The Tardis crew just bouncing to different parts of Earth’s history hunting The 11 and getting involved in the usual scrapes.

Of course another reason I’m maybe not quite on board with this is with DOOM COALITION 2 next, the ending is left open. So we have no real ending and two average entries and there you have encapsulated perfectly why I’m not more enthused.

But I’m not grumpy. I am charging on. River Song is in Doom Coalition 2 and you know what? I’m actually really looking forward to it.

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