Kirrt Peck

Well, bloomin’ ‘ell, I’ve only made my way back to Victorian England to catch up with the Limehouse Linnet herself, that bricky of a gal, Kitty Peck. Her first adventure, you might well remember, was right bang up to the elephant. A real treat it was, a tale of skulduggery and crime at the heart of the Empire. Although a long way down from the Empress’s cotton socks. The star of the piece was of course Kitty, glamorous derring-do songstress who found herself caught up in a right palaver.

Well, this time around – you could have knocked me sideways with a feather – but the opening bit of this tale is more like one of them classy character pieces. Y’know, like old Dickens used to write – orphans an’ all. We follow Kitty and her friend Lucca on a fancypants tour to Paris and – a different pace it might be – but it really is most interesting. It isn’t long before the mystery begins though, and it’s a full fifteen puzzle too. Right head-scratching stuff it is at times, but carried along with danger, adventure and even a bit of penny dreadful horror. Once again Kitty proves herself to be the jamiest bits of jam, and the most perfect company. I’m already looking forward to the next time she crosses my path. What will she be up to then? I can barely bloomin’ imagine!


Fancy some free FRJ fiction? There’s a short story available here



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