My new short story collection, CONFINED SPACES is now available on Amazon Kindle!  If you do get chance to download it, read it and leave a review I would be tremendously grateful.

It’s only a couple of clicks away, through these links: UK, USA, Canada, Australia, India.

Confined Spaces - Richard James

There are 7 stories, 7 rooms, 7 trapped individuals.

If I’m honest, it wasn’t a collection I set out to write, but when I started to pull together the short stories in my locker I realised just how many of them were on the theme of being trapped. This isn’t a surprise as I have been claustrophobic my whole life – with a fear of small, locked rooms, lifts and most particularly, potholing – and good little horror writer that I am, I write about what scares me.

Just over half the stories here have been published before, on the now defunct Spinetinglers website, as well as showing up in a couple of compendium collections. This is the first time I’ve brought them together under one banner though, and I’ve written three fresh tales to accompany them. Each of them about being caged, about being caught with no escape, about every exit being closed off.

I hope they give you the chill of enjoyment!

(If you’re interested in my short fiction, by the way, I have a short tale available completely FREE right here…)

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