Obviously the above will change somewhat, but that’s the first short chapter of my new work-in-progress novel.

My stated plan, for those just tuning in, is to write and publish a novella in time for Christmas. I began in August and it swiftly turned into a short novel, but – even with the length doubling – I think I’m on track.

It’s a tale of lust and revenge, set in 1979 but echoing back twenty years before. A young film journalist is sent to interview a former movie-star of British cinema. It isn’t long before the journalist finds himself in an all-consuming affair with her, but being involved with Diana Christmas means getting drawn into murder and blackmail.

To get it all done I have different chapters at various different stages of writing and editing, but it’s tough work trying to keep everything in order in my head. There’s a hell of a lot to focus on – and that’s without my real life of Mrs Jameson, Baby Jameson and my proper job-type job.

But I’m revelling in it; enjoying it every time I open my keyboard, pretty much every time I type a word. Yes, I’m anxious to get it done now, get it across the finish-line – but that’s not because I want it to be over. No, it’s so I can hold the completed product proudly in my hand.

I’ve never written anything this quickly before, never even attempted such a thing. Events might prove me wrong, but right now, I really think I can succeed in this challenge!


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