Trashy, lightweight and superficial – yet I don’t mean any of that in the pejorative. This is a book which revels in being trashy, lightweight and superficial; it’s raison d’être is to be trashy, lightweight and superficial. It’s a novel which wants nothing more than to be a fun, sexy, albeit dark piece of fluff, and in those aims it more than succeeds.

Essentially we have here a spin on BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, where the powers of darkness are actually okay and it’s the vampire hunters who are the right pain in the arse. Georgina Kinkaid is our sassy narrator – a sexy, succubus bookshop employee who has to deal with both dilemmas in her love life and a murder mystery in modern day Seattle. Yes, that last sentence does sound utterly ridiculous, but the book commits to that ridiculousness wholeheartedly and pulls it off with admirable brio.

I actually read SUCCUBUS BLUES at a dark and depressing point of my life, but it’s a novel which puts a smile on my face just to think of it now.

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