If, after his presidency is over (so I’m hoping sooner rather than later) I do write a horror novel that features President Donald Trump in some way, then he can’t actually be the monster.

I know that seems a weird thing to say. After all, he does seem like an absolute demon of a person. Easily, in the top five worst people in the world. Why wouldn’t he then be a monster in fiction as well?

But that’s the thing. There are going to be so many books in the coming years about how dreadful he was, about all the damage he did (though hopefully he won’t be able to get most of it through congress), about what a shockingly terrible president he was.

So, if I’m going to write mine, it has to be different.

My idea is that some great existential threat, maybe something from cosmic horror – maybe Cthulhu himself – attacks the Earth and it’s Donald Trump who in the end somehow saves everyone.

Donald Trump saves humanity.

I know, it’s a weird and far out there concept.

Yet to make it work. I need to see some kind of personality trait in him that makes him look like a normal human being. You know, like he’d give a shit about someone who isn’t a close family member.

So far, I haven’t seen anything. Absolutely nothing. It’s scary how devoid of basic compassion he seems to be.

Right now, it looks like he’d be hand to tentacle with Cthulhu and they’d be carving up the world together, and that won’t work as a narrative at all.

In my story Donald Trump has to have a long dark night of the soul and save everyone (possibly – actually, make that probably – while dying himself). Though to make this work he’s going to have to demonstrate he possesses some kind of soul.

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