In my new novel, there’s a character I really adore. This week in rewriting, I reached the chapter where he first appears and to say I love writing for him is an understatement. I have a physical tingle of pleasure writing for him. His dialogue has a flourish, his arrogance comes with an entertaining sneer, there’s something about him that pumps up every chapter he’s in.

So much so, that I’ve got to be careful I don’t let him take control of, and then capsize, the whole book.

I do have plans to write a whole spin off series of short stories centring on him, so hopefully I can restrain myself in this instance. There will be plenty of time to write about him after all, but it is something to think about, to bear in mind.

It can happen to the best.

Dumas obviously falls so in love with Milady in THE THREE MUSKETEERS that for a large chunk of the plot he forgets that there are even such things as musketeers and just focuses on her; while his contemporary over The Channel, Dickens clearly likes all the characters in OLIVER TWIST much more than he likes Oliver Twist.

In my head, this novel is so damn good and I want it to be that good on the published page. As such part of the process is finding all my flaws as a writer and eliminating them; while at the same time kicking away all my normal writerly crutches so I can surprise myself outside the comfort zone.

Identifying that I could favour this character if not careful is a good thing. Save him for another day. I now just have to figure out all the other things I might do wrong..

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