Trump mirror

I like the image of Trump staring into the mirror.

Absolutely when Donald Trump looks in the mirror, he doesn’t see what the rest of us sees.

He doesn’t see a pouting, red cheeked man-child, whose resting expression suggests a kind of repressed fury that he can’t just kill everyone around him.

No, he sees an incredibly handsome guy with a goddamn sexy haircut and normal sized hands. He sees a man wearing his wealth like gold armour and a gold halo combined, but who – if he didn’t have that wealth – would still have the tightest babes in the world desperate to bed him.

That sense of self-aggrandising delusion, to be fair, isn’t going to be that unusual.

Nobody is going to try and become the most powerful person on Earth without having a blue whale of an ego. But it’s more than that with Trump. With the other Presidents in my lifetime, you got the impression that the world wasn’t how they wanted it, so they were determined to change it. No matter how wrong headed or damaging their analysis of the problems might be, they (pretty much) accepted the facts of reality and made their moves from there.

Yes, I know those WMDs never showed up, but that was the case of men desperate to go to war grasping for a reason to have that war. They misled, they lied, but the reality as they saw it was that Saddam was dangerous and they needed a reason to get him. (Obviously I don’t in anyway agree with what they did.) With Trump though it stretches further than a grand fabricating of evidence, he tries to bend the whole of reality to his will and when it doesn’t do what he wants, he just says it has.

So Trump stares into his mirror. He sees a handsome, smart, charming, wonderful man. He sees things no one else sees. Because it isn’t just himself he sees differently, it is the whole wide world. He is seeing everything different when he looks in the mirror. Himself and everything behind him. There is a whole alternative universe in there.

Now Trump in reality is being frustrated by political opponents, he’s actually being frustrated by so-called allies. Even though he is the so-called most powerful man in the goddamn world, he isn’t going to change the world as much as he wants to through normal legislative methods.

But what if all he had to do was break the glass of that mirror?

Smash his fist against it and let whatever’s in there come through to our world?

What would happen if the world of Donald Trump’s inner mind suddenly bled through to this one?

What terrible things are contained within his darkest thoughts?

What demons would be lurking in the darkness, subconsciously created by his imaginings?

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