Trump 1

One of the problems with writing about Donald Trump as a character in a horror novel – or any kind of novel, for that matter – is what would his arc be?

Obviously I’d like it to be one of redemption. Rich man manages to gain himself power beyond his wildest imaginings, and learns how to use it responsibly.

Although I fear that it’ll actually be a tragedy where his main flaw (or flaws, there are lots to choose from) manage to damn us all.

The biggest problem looking from the outside, as someone who has never met and is hugely unlikely to ever meet the man, is that it can be frustratingly hard to get a grip on what his character is.

Obviously he’s an arrogant, conceited, sexist, bullying fool. But the trait that really stands out at the moment is his sheer capriciousness.

He seems to be a string of impulsive whims masquerading as a man.

Earlier this month Trump ordered the bombing of Syria. There was talk of regime change, troops on the ground.

Since then, well, he seems to have decided that he’d much rather have a war with North Korea instead.

Probably if we gather together here in another three weeks, that won’t be on the radar anymore either.

By that point maybe Turkmenistan will find itself on the radar. For some perceived slight to the Easter Bunny or something.

Trump 2

His sheer unpredictably makes fashioning a narrative around him incredibly difficult. Who can say what he might do in any given situation? Obviously he could say, but the chances of him doing the exact opposite are high.

Of course it’s absolutely terrifying to have such a man in charge of the free world and all the nuclear weapons. That’s why I’m thinking of him in a story context, at the one step removed from reality, he’s a lot more palatable.

This is an ongoing project that will probably last the next four – although hopefully not the next eight – years.

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