Incredibly, the last week gave us something like character development.

Hitherto, Trump gave every impression of basically being everyone else in HIGH NOON. All his rhetoric suggested his logo was a plump, rich looking ostrich with its head buried deep in designer sand, not doing anything, no matter what shitty things took place around it.

America First, and all that.

Assad clearly thought that was the correct reading of the man.

But now, well, Trump seems to have taken a moral stand on something.

He’s looked at terrible world events and decided that enough is goddamn enough.

Now, I’m as guilty as anyone of thinking that Trump cared about no one but himself and maybe his own family. But now, he does seem to showing sympathy for others, displaying outrage when bad things happen to them.

But is this actual growth?

Or, are these merely the actions of an obviously emotional and volatile guy, who will have found something new (and let’s be honest, probably annoyingly trivial) to concern him by the end of next week?

I’ve always wanted to write a story about a man who makes the correct decision, but the consequences are terrible. If this action – which I believe was the right thing to do – results in a full blown confrontation with China or North Korea or Russia (although that last one seems unlikely), then this might be it.

Obviously, I really hope and pray that that’s not the story I end up telling.

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