Scenario 1
We set it in the Middle Ages and make Trump some mad king, with dutiful and not so dutiful courtiers, who King Donald boils alive when the mood takes him. His temper will gets the better of him and we’d have a “Who will rid me of these turbulent priest?” moment, with terrible consequence for his realm


Scenario 2
We instead set it in the future with Trump as ruler of the most significant planet  in a star system, railing against his disloyal subjects and trying to battle back allegations that it was the Draconians who got him elected in the first place.

I’m not a great fan of the analogy route. Yes, you could go the whole hog and write about how Trump roasts and eats babies (which he doesn’t by the way – although he has probably tweeted that both Hilary and Barack do). But this is a story which requires immediacy, this is a story of now.

Maybe I’m wrong, but to set it elsewhere seems to me to mute the horror of what it’s like to have him as president. (It’s terrible that he’s there, although the way he’s actually going about ruling, it’s also darkly amusing. Like a toddler smashing its way through a party that you’re not enjoying: you hope he will stop, you want him to stop, yet you can’t help staring at it and secretly enjoying the moment.)

Our story has to be set in the here and now, while the horror of it can’t be glib or cheap, but has to be something from the outside that both comments on and illuminates the horror of the man himself.

But what? I’m tearing my locks out for the what.

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