I have so many ideas fizzing and popping away in my head.

That’s one thing I have never been short of, I’ve always had a surfeit of ideas.

If I had my own personal emoji it would be a man in glasses surrounded by dozens, if not hundreds, of thought bubbles.

But for the last few years, that’s been part of my problem.

I’d start writing something, get stuck somewhere along the way, but not be too bothered as I knew I had another good idea waiting for me.

(Or at least, it looks good at first flush. That’s the thing with good looking ideas. it’s difficult to really tell until you start getting them down on paper.)

The option has constantly been there though, to stop what I’m doing and focus on the next idea and the next and the next.

Above everything else, I’m trying to be more focused now, but these ideas are still there and some of them clearly look good, so how do I get all these ideas down?

How can I be as fast and productive enough to get even half of them down?

Even if I could give my writing a full sixteen waking hours a day (and I can’t because I have a wife, a baby, a job) then after about three hours of writing, it all starts turning to shit anyway. Three hours a day, which at my most productive would be 7,000 words.

But clearly to create all I want to create, I’m going to have to find a way to get twice as productive in half the time.

More focused, more productive, making miracles happen – these are clearly my 2017 writing resolutions.

My debut novel, THE WANNABES – which has been out of print for a little while – is now available for free! A supernatural thriller of beautiful actresses and deadly ambition in London town, it’s well worth your time. You can get your copy here!

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