I love Doctor Who, although for reasons I’ll go into in a blog post in a few weeks, I am somewhat trepidatious about the upcoming series. Having said that, I almost jumped with excitement this morning to find out that it will see the return of the Mondasian Cybermen.

For other classic Doctor Who fans let me say that again – The Mondasian Cybermen.

For everyone else let me explain:

The Mondasian Cybermen were the very first version of the Cybermen. They had cloth faces and weird high-pitched voices, which should have been goofy, but actually made them creepy as hell. Rather than the angry robots Cybermen would seem to become, they were kind of a twisted Frankenstein monster version of humanity, with their organs and limbs replaced to such an extent that they no longer counted as men. And they came from a planet called Mondas, which was a weird upside down version of Earth that they’d apparently been driving around the Universe for millennia – although I’d be quite happy if that last detail was omitted this time around.

The Cybermen haven’t really worked on Doctor Who for a long while (even in Dark Water/Death in Heaven, they felt more like support to Missy. And that’s before we get to The Cyber Brig.) A big part of that is Doctor Who’s writers seem to have forgotten that their roots lay in a kind of Cronenbergian body horror, that they weren’t always just stompy metal men. This unexpected return of the original conception makes me hopeful that we’re finally – FINALLY! – going to get that great, modern Cyberman story we all want and need.

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